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Please read below carefully before emailing.


Q:   How do I get game support questions answered?

A:    Full retail users should send an e-mail to  Please include your name, address and order number.  Include as much information as possible about your problem.  Allow 7 days for a reply.


Q: I ordered a game and haven't received the download link. I am using hotmail or yahoo mail.

A: Our commerce partner, BMT Micro, verifies all hotmail and yahoo mail orders individually, by hand. They do this as an extra fraud prevention measure- but it can delay your order by a day or two. Of course, your card is never charged until the download link is sent. Orders that do not come from hotmail or yahoo mail are delivered instantly.


Q: The game I purchased does not work, what can I do to make the game work ?

A: 99% of the time the cause is sound or video card drivers. New computers rarely come with latest drivers the user needs to visit the website of manufacturer ( or Windows Update ) and get latest video and sound card drivers updated.



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